Friday, June 13, 2008

Cheap upfront merchant account providers may charge hidden fees:

There are many merchant account providers for you to choose from when starting a business. However though these providers may advertise low set up fees, remember that there are hidden charges associated with the account like maintenance fees, equipment fees, transaction fees, etc. So choose your merchant account provider only after conducting extensive search for the provider most profitable to you.

To ensure that you choose merchant account providers that will take care of your business, you will have to understand the meanings of the different types of merchant accounts available.

Merchant account providers can mean firms that don’t provide merchant accounts but offer payment processing; or the other way round too. There are also banks that give merchant accounts through the Internet, by referring people to credit card processors.

At present, there are three types of payment processors in merchant account providers who make it possible to accept credit cards through the Internet. Banks are of course, the most common, secure and dependable option for you. You can easily open a merchant account here if you have a good credit rating.

Independent Sales Organizations are called third party Merchant Account Providers which let merchants use their accounts, for a variety of fee structures. International and Internet merchants prefer this form of merchant account provider.

When choosing your merchant account providers, and if you are the owner of a pharmacy or travel agent, it is important that you choose a provider that is competent in dealing with high risk accounts.

Find out more about the company in this regard as your business is a high risk one where there is a high possibility of unnecessary charge backs and legal violations taking place in the business. Otherwise, you may not enjoy the benefits a merchant account provider is capable in offering to your business.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Merchant Account: Easy Way of Getting Cash Advance for Your Business

Whether it is a small business or large one, fund is essential for any entrepreneur to take his business to the next level. Though there are many ways of securing fund, the entrepreneur has to weigh all the options before selecting any one of them. They need to examine what best suits to their business and adequately meet their requirements without affecting it. Business and merchant cash advance is another way of funding your business. This is a process of taking cash advance against your merchant account.

The process of cash advance on your merchant account works with purchasing the credit card sell for the future in a discount rate giving you cash advance for your business. The merchant service provider will give you the business cash advance with your merchant account set up. After filling up the application form you will get the approval information within 24 hours and once your application is approved the cash amount is deposited approximately within a week. The process of repayment is as easy as getting the cash amount. Each time you will do any transaction through your credit card terminal a certain percentage is deducted against your cash advance. However, you are eligible to get your business cash advance only if you qualify the minimum requirements of the company providing the fund. The most important criteria include your being in the business for one year or more, generating certain amount through your credit cards sells and having no unresolved bankruptcy record.

Apart from free application form online and faster approval of the application the most attractive feature is the fully automated repayment system. The process is managed automatically through your processing program of the credit cards. And on the top of it, the entire fund can be used in whatever manner you want, provided you are using it for your business. Business cash advance through your merchant account can be a profitable way of funding your business.

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Merchant Account Service Providers

A merchant account simply enables a merchant to run credit card transactions directly through his chosen account. The most commonly used methods of accepting such cards are by credit card terminals, Computer processing softwares, internet virtual terminal or simply by phone. A merchant account is basically provided by any financial institution that may be a bank or any other similar institution that enables you to accept credit cards. Merchant accounts can also be found over the internet, but many people do not find it a secure means of transferring payments over the internet. There are a lot of companies out there whose repute is not good in the market… so some thing should be made sure before signing any agreements.. Avoid falling into hype and technical terms that you haven’t heard before, that might be a very tricky thing, but if u want to stay safe then you have to stay away from these companies, otherwise you will risk losing a lot, be sure about one other thing i.e. no company demands more than a $ 100 processing fee. So if it’s more than that, be sure that the company is a fraud and you might risk losing business if you carry on transactions with that company. The account provider provides you with the necessary equipment to carry out transactions. If you don’t feel like buying their equipment or if they are charging you more than your budget than there are whole a lot of options that you can count on... all service providers have some application fee that usually varies from $ 50-$ 99, some companies collect it as an application fee while others collect it via their equipment sales, software or the transaction costs. Online payment providers or e-payment providers have started playing a huge role in today’s paying systems.

There are a lot of companies out there who are offering e-payment solutions.. E.g. Paypal,,, etc. These are the most commonly used companies when it comes to online payment and they have established a good repute throughout the world. Another really good service is Google Checkout which is offering free services for merchants till 31st Dec, 2007. After that it will be charging merchants at 2 % plus $0.2 per transaction. Earlier in there were a lot of speculation that Google was launching this service in order to compete with another company i.e. PayPal. however if we compare the services being offered and the overall scope, we can see that Google checkout is offering very little services, and can’t be used to make payments from person to person. It was made available in the U.S on 28th of June, 2006… while in the UK, it was launched on April 13th 2007!

Friday, February 8, 2008

The search for Merchant account providers

The search for merchant account providers is a difficult task, which is why people working through the Internet make a special effort in providing the Internet surfers and people in need with databases online which are licensed merchant account providers. The services in this job include the difficult commission of the acceptance of credit cards and other payments that are essential for the online business to work. Credit cards are the new and more convenient ways of payments for most of the people around the globe. In case a business does not accept this mode of payment, it might be in a lot of trouble especially since it is an online business transaction.

There are certain merchant account providers that bring to you the exact share of sites and details that you require. That means that you no longer have to sit at the computer and search the Internet for hours and hours. All you need to do is provide the database with your requirements and it will supply the number of sites and the merchant account providers that will be able to help fit your budget along with your needs. It is vital to know that prior to making a partnership with a dealer you must have enough time to comprehend that various workings of the card processing over the Internet and also to have an idea what exactly to look for in a merchant account provider.

Banks and nearly every one of the local financial institutes are not in the favor of these online merchant account providers. This is so because the business deal dealt with online is not the same as the interface performed in person. There is a signature mandatory to authorize that transaction when dealing with the above institutions; whereas the deal online is more informal and only requires the credit card numbers; therefore, making it more susceptible to credit card scams.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Merchant Account Providers

Merchant bank accounts are specialized bank accounts in merchant processing banks that allow businesses to accept credit, debit or other related cards, the merchant processor i.e. the bank is known as the merchant and the other party i.e. the credit card issuer represents the consumer. Now coming to the main thing; the merchant account provider, which gives the business the power to accept stuff like debit and credit card in return for offered goods and other related things mainly takes payments in three ways- in person, over the internet or over the phone…though the latter is preferred all around the world for local transactions whereas Internet in the biggest source of transactions, if payments are to be made outside the country, because of the preference of credit cards in today’s world the merchant accounts have become somewhat an essential part of today’s businesses. In the U.S, credit card processing was offered by banks that were part of the VISA or MASTERCARD. Initially credit cards were issued by and processed for merchants by banks only, but the trend has changed now, because times have changed. Now very few banks issue Cards, mostly Citibank, Bank of America and Chase rule the industry. With the passage of time banks have found out that it’s not their job and not even easy to convince small organizations to start accepting credit cards, so this job has been passed on to other smaller organizations whose job is to convince customers of start accepting credit cards, some banks, however, still continue to use their own labor force and skill to introduce their product in the market and to convince customers to use their product/ products. They have their own set guidelines and rules to hire people and train them!

Some merchants have their processing done by banks, while others prefer above mentioned organizations which are responsible for all the things that a bank does while charging a credit card… i.e. providing technical support all the times when needed.. Processing of the transactions… getting service charges calculated etc. A few well known processors in the U.S are TSYS and FIRST DATA etc. While each of the organizations that have been discussed above can be called merchant account providers, but actually by true definition they might not actually come under Merchant account providers. Actually the word’s actual meaning refers to all the companies that are actually involved by true meaning in the business and are actually maintaining a relationship with the merchant. Some really well known merchant account providers are Global Electronic technology, Credit Card processing services while others include Payment transaction systems, ITransact, Heartland Payment systems, PS Bill, Shift 4 and Via Klix! Merchant express is another really remarkable service which is offering same day approval of the account thereby it eliminates any delays and provides 24/7 support, free checking software after you sign up and even free They provide 6 different modes of processing Internet processing, P.O.S processing, wireless processing, and processing software, phone processing and quick books processing, they claim to have the lowest set-up cost and complete customer satisfaction and also offer a free 30 day trial. They offer only bank direct merchant accounts, hence saving their customers a lot of money.